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The Best VIP Program Ever - Her Velvet Vase Passports

11th December 2014

Passport Points 101



Good Morning Ladies!


Ever thought of joining our amazing online fashion VIP program?


You really get to see our obsession with customer service with the ultimate thank you program we’ve come up with for all our lovely supporters!


With Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership tiers, whether you’ve just joined and fall into our budding love group, or are one of our long-term and ultra-exclusive customers, we have something for you! Find out more on our lovely membership tiers here.


Did we manage to pique your interest? Here’s a quick guide on how you can earn HVV Passport Points in a heartbeat!


Step 1: HVV Purchases

Start shopping! For every $1 you spend with us, you get 1 HVV Point.


Step 2: Rate & Review your HVV purchases

You've just bought an adorable outfit and we'd love to see you in it and hear your scoop on it! Write us a review and earn 10 HVV Passport Points while you’re at it! This definitely helps out other #HVVgirls who may still be undecided on their purchase! We say it's important to share the love! Check out an example right here.


Step 3: HVV Play Up!

If you've worn your HVV outfit out, post your #ootd or even a #selfie on Instagram, tag us at @hervelvetvase, hashtag #hervelvetvase and #hvvgirl and receive another 50 HVV Passport Points!


Step 4: Update your personal details

Get rewarded with 50 HVV Passport Points simply by logging into your HVV account and updating your personal details! Easy peasy!


Simply follow these steps and once you’ve hit 500 HVV Passport Points, you automatically become an HVV Silver Passport Program Member and get a $10 gift certificate on us!


It's incredibly simple!

What to Wear to…

27th November 2014

what to wear to header


Always in a dilemma on what to wear to special occasions and parties? Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for your intimate family dinners, glamorous girl’s night outs, or even to meet his parents for the first time, our #HVVstylist has got you covered.



girls night out



Girl’s Night Out

Every girl needs a printed dress to make a fashionable statement for her after-hours parties. We matched our chic double-strapped Bijoux Origami Dress with classic silver accessories to create a glamorous yet stylish party ensemble.



family dinner



Family Dinner

For mellow outings with family spent catching up on daily goings-on or heading out for a feast, our flowy Mist Waterfall Blouse paired with Soiree Sheen Trousers is the ultimate comfort outfit which doubles up to hide a food baby from stuffing yourself at the buffet!



meet his parents



Meet His Parents

First impressions are important. Hence although meeting his parents for the first time might be nerve wrecking, but you can definitely win them over with an outfit that looks both put-together and demure. Our Tuscany Shift Dress paired with elegant and timeless accessories such as our Sydney Classic Pumps and Moscato Bejeweled Necklace are sure to win points in their book. Don’t fret, if he loves you, then they most likely will too!


Do you have any other events that you have no idea how to dress for? Let us know!


<3 HVV Team

The Regular #HVVgirl’s Guide to Cafés – Coffeemin

20th November 2014

coffeemin 1



coffeemin 2



A revolutionizing café concept, Coffeemin is a time café that distinguishes itself by changing the prevailing café model for the people of Singapore.


Our #HVVgirls headed down to the unique café at our historical riverside, Clarke Quay Central, to check it out. Greeted by friendly staff, we were checked right in, briefed, and left to explore their facilities.



coffeemin 3



coffeemin 4



coffeemin 5



coffeemin 6



One of our favourite features - The floor to ceiling windows that allow you to bask in the warm rays of sunshine streaming in as you snuggle down on a chaise lounge to loll your afternoon away. Simple but absolutely perfect!


Armed with free flow cookies, soft drinks and most importantly, our beloved mugs of coffee, we settled down in a corner and got down to serious business – Uno!



coffeemin 7



coffeemin 8



coffeemin 9



coffeemin 10



coffeemin 11



coffeemin 12



coffeemin 13



coffeemin 14



Other than complimentary card and board games, you get to dabble with xbox games, maximize the free wifi Coffeemin provides via their computer terminals, browse magazines and relax over a game of pool.


It’s casual, homely but incredibly comfy décor makes it a perfect spot for a quick lunch out with your girlfriends or even a catch up session, over some games, after a long day of work. Coffeemin’s conducive space is also great for students looking for a place to study!


At the end of the day, you’re only charged for the time spent there (rates can be found here).


A warm, relaxing and refreshingly different café that lets you stay as long as you want might just be the thing that our Singaporean café scene needs.




Find them at:

Clarke Quay

6 Eu Tong Sen Street,

Clarke Quay Central, #02-33,

Singapore 059817

Opening hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm daily


Suntec City

3 Temasek Boulevard,

Suntec City Mall, #03-377,

Singapore 038983

Opening hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm daily

Website Facebook




On Jolynn:

Stevie Denim Shirt

Reflector Structured Shorts


On Serena:

Esquire Textured Blouse

Caprice Ripped Jeans

Madewell Aviators

Behind-The-Scenes: HVV x Quincy Girls Night Out Photoshoot

03rd November 2014

Who run the world? GIRLS!

We #hvvgirls are always game to dress up, put on our make up and head out with our girlfriends for a fun night out!

This time, we're keeping it classy and having a bachelorette themed party with Quincy Hotel's Girls Night Out Staycation package.







































































































Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Venue Sponsor: The Quincy Hotel

Cosmetics Sponsor: Benefit Cosmetics


Credits to the HVV Team: 

Clare - Creative Direction and Styling

Mag - Creative Direction, Styling and Video Editing

Brody - Photography and

Roselyn Chua - Hair & Make Up

Yosita Lee - Hair & Make Up Assistant

Vita - Model

Laura - Model

Serena - Marketing (& awesome behind-the-scenes videographer)  

Jolynn - PR

Props Featured in the Shoot - HVV MoodBox Option #2: $150 Worth of Party Products!

The Regular #HVVgirl’s Guide to Cafés – d’Good Café

29th October 2014

d' Good Cafe 1



We all love the café-hopping lifestyle that entails sitting in a quaint café with a beautiful ambience with our girlfriends. d’Good Café, which is delightfully situated in the heart of the bohemian district of Holland Village sports a charming, laidback and homey interior, a perfect hideout from the hustle and bustle of the Singaporean City life. Their two levels of seating range from a bar to a balcony, which accommodates different settings for the different caféhoppers.



d' Good Cafe 2



d' Good Cafe 3



d' Good Cafe 4



d' Good Cafe 5



d' Good Cafe 6



d' Good Cafe 7



d' Good Cafe 8



d' Good Cafe 9



d' Good Cafe 10



d' Good Cafe 11



After wandering around both floors of the pretty café, our HVVgirls Jolynn and Serena started their brunch with a Ham & Cheese French Toast. Served with fresh fruits on the side, along with French berry jam in the sandwich, it was indeed a unique sweet and savoury twist to a normal Ham & Cheese! The unexpected twist to an everyday sandwich deserved to be called a favourite!



d' Good Cafe 12



d' Good Cafe 13



d' Good Cafe 14



Next, feeling adventurous and wanted to have something different, Jolynn and Serena chose to settle with the Baked Lemongrass Chicken (the owner’s own recipe!) and the Sweet Potato Waffle. The flavourful chicken thigh marinated with fragrant Lemongrass served to be a great combination, with the homemade Mash Potato with surprise crunchy potato bits in it a great compliment! Purple Sweet Potatoes were steamed and added into the Waffle, which created a very distinctive taste. Sweet Potato and Waffle lovers would definitely enjoy this!



d' Good Cafe 15d' Good Cafe 16



Besides the food and the décor, d’Good Café also brings a brand new coffee experience to the table – “Blend & Brew the way you like it”. With the basis of no two customers are alike, they allow customers to create their own special coffee blend from a range of single origin beans. Fantastic, coffee lovers rejoice! Here, Serena fills in the survey of her coffee preferences based on the body, acidity and flavour, and excitedly waits while the Barista prepares the selected coffee beans based on her choices.



d' Good Cafe 17



d' Good Cafe 18



d' Good Cafe 19



d' Good Cafe 20



She then ranks her favourites from the three suitable options presented by the barista during the cupping process. 



d' Good Cafe 21



d' Good Cafe 22



Finally, her personalized coffee is blended, brewed and served.



d' Good Cafe 23



Happy #hvvgirl with her custom blend coffee! d’Good Café offers this Custom Blend Coffee service to the public by appointment on weekdays for an awesome rate of $12! Your custom blend, tagged by your mobile number is saved in their system and you can keep heading back to have that exact cup of exceptional cuppa at their normal coffee rates! What’s not to love?




Find them at:

d’Good Café

273 Holland Avenue


Singapore 278992

Facebook | Instagram




On Jolynn:

Ksuri Lace Dress in Blue


On Serena:

Lucrezia Lace Playsuit in White

Harvey Denim Jacket in Blue

Perk Up Your Autumn

10th October 2014

As the temperatures start to drop, and the color palette of deeper, darker hues dominate the fashion scene, you can certainly incorporate pops of color to keep your autumn wardrobe cheery, upbeat and eye-catching!


perk up your fall1


A quick and easy tip would be to add a brightly colored structured blazer to your fall outfit. Brightly colored outerwear can bring you through the fall season by simply pairing them with more subtle colors and basic pieces. For this look, we paired our Mimosa Classic Blazer with our Sage Basic Camisole and Uptown Classic Trousers which can bring you from the workplace to a night out with the girls!

It’s all about having fun with fashion by tying in loud colors with your wardrobe. Here are some other fun-colored blazers to add to your closet this season!


perk up your fall 2


Have a bright and amazing Fall!


Behind-The-Scenes: HVV Summer Streetstyle 2014 Photoshoot

24th August 2014

Oh how we love summer.

Sadly, it’s almost coming to an end!

So while we're still basking in the last weeks of summer's blue skies and sunshine, what better way to wrap this wonderful season than with a blast?



*click on image to redirect to Her Velvet Vase Street Style Lookbook! 


HVV Streetstyle 1



HVV Streetstyle 2



HVV Streetstyle 3



HVV Streetstyle 4





HVV Streetstyle 6



HVV Streetstyle 8





HVV Streetstyle 10



HVV Streetstyle 11



HVV Streetstyle 12



HVV Streetstyle 13



HVV Streetstyle 14



HVV Streetstyle 15



HVV Streetstyle 16



HVV Streetstyle 17





HVV Streetstyle 18





HVV Streetstyle 19







HVV Streetstyle 21





Spot the adorable blooper in our Behind-the-Scenes Video and stand a chance to win a $50 HVV Shopping Voucher!

Hint: It happens twice in a row!

*Leave your answer here: HVV FACEBOOK PAGE or HVV VIDEO PAGE




Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Venue Sponsor: Lady M

Cosmetics Sponsor: Benefit Cosmetics SG


Credits to the HVV Team: 

Clare - Creative Direction and Styling

Mag - Creative Direction, Styling and Video Editing

Brody - Photography and

Joanna - Hair and Make Up, Sono Bello and 

Kessie - Hair and Make Up Assistant

Stephanie - Model

Evelyn - Model

Serena - Marketing (& awesome behind-the-scenes videographer)  

Jolynn - PR

Hui Roo - Merchandising