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Sophia Chong x Her Velvet Vase

26th January 2015

Good Morning Ladies!


Recently we've invited bright-eyed fashion blogger, Sophia Chong down to our office to have a quick chat, telling us more about her passions, her style and even what she personally skimps & splurges on!


If you've always found Sophia as a source of fashion inspiration, you're definitely in for a treat! We will be giving away an HVV Mood Box to a lucky #hvvgirl, specially curated by Sophia Chong herself! Find out how you can win here!









Q: Hi Sophia, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Sophia, I’m 23 years old and I love fashion, I love travel and I love pets. I have a dog, his name is Oreo.


Q: Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.

I think my style is very versatile, I don’t really have a fixed style per se. I love to dress according to how I feel, where I’m going, or depending on the people I’m meeting. If I had to choose a style which I really liked, it would be something girly, sophisticated, yet city chic. Something like what a New York girl would wear on a daily basis. One of my biggest style icons is Olivia Palermo. She adapts her style to wherever she’s going. I really like that about her!


Q: How did you first get interested in fashion and blogging?

I started blogging because I like to write. Being a blogger was never my intention, it was rather that I liked to write and pen down my thoughts. I like to share where I’m going and what I’m eating! I became interested in fashion because I loved to dress up – doesn’t every girl? I like to look good! I like to feel confident when I’m going somewhere, rather than looking sloppy. That’s how I got into fashion.






Q: What are your greatest passions?

My greatest passion is travelling. I love to see different parts of the world, different people from different walks of life. I don’t just love travelling to a specific type of place – I love the city, I love going to the beach, I even like to go to rural villages to see how people live. Basically, I love travelling as I get to experience and understand how people from all around the world live their daily lives.


Q: What do you skimp on / what do you splurge on?

I skimp on makeup. To me makeup just a bunch of products with different colors, and you should buy them based on what suits you and it’s not necessary to buy what is super expensive, or designer and luxurious. I also don’t really believe in spending too much on branded clothes. What is really essential is how you put together a whole look, and how you mix and match, and accessorize your outfit – be it with jewellery, shoes, or even hats! I spend a lot on food. I love eating – my favourite cuisine is Japanese, but I generally love all food.


Q:  What style did you go for, and what were you thinking about when curating this Mood Box?

I’ve created a style that defines my style. It’s something a bit girly and a bit edgy. It showcases my own individual style and is an outfit that I would personally wear.



HVV Muse: Sophia Chong x

Photography: Brody Tan x



Bloggers in Her Velvet Vase

16th January 2015

Today we’re feeling inspired by how bloggers are wearing our Her Velvet Vase apparel. Kick start your fashion journey in 2015 with some fresh new styles.



@jemmawei 1

@jemmawei featuring an upcoming layered dress




@smittenpixels in our Tijana Floral Dress




@sophiachong in our Trafalgar Fold Skorts




@sophiachong featuring our Elle Tweed Coat




@smittenpixels in our Dolce Neoprene Blouse




@jemmawei layering with our Fallon Denim Jacket




@ardaisy_ going monochrome in our Chloe Tweed Suit - Blazer




@jemmawei with our versatile Safari Utility Parka




@jemmawei warm and cosy in our Dandelion Winter Coat



Behind-the-scenes: #HVVgirl Holiday Lunch!

08th January 2015

hvvgirl 1



Now already into the second week of 2015, and before we go into the five (long) weeks of January, we rounded up 2014 by rewarding ourselves for all the hard work our HVVgirls put in for the end of year festive season with a massive buffet lunch session at Lime at Park Royal on Pickering. We chatted, had several rounds of delicious food, caught up, exchanged Christmas presents, ate some more and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Yes, we revelled in the holiday mood with this quick respite and had a great time. Now, we’re all ready to go full speed ahead for Chinese New Year that’s coming up next!



hvvgirl 2



hvvgirl 3



hvvgirl 4

Image credit: gourmetadventures



hvvgirl 5



hvvgirl 6



hvvgirl 7



hvvgirl 8




<3 Her Velvet Vase Team

Jemma x Her Velvet Vase

30th December 2014

Good Afternoon Ladies! 

To end this year with a huge bang, we've invited the loveliest Jemimah Wei for an interview with us in our #HVV studio.

If you've always loved Jemma and her style, we will be giving away an HVV Mood Box specially curated by her to one lucky #HVVgirl! Find out how you can win here.



Jemma x Her Velvet Vase



Jemma x Her Velvet Vase 2


Q: Tell us a little about yourself & your personal style

Hello, I’m Jemimah. What do you want to know about me? I do a lot of writing, but I guess you guys have me here for my style. Most people will know me from That F Word which I host with Andrea on Click Network TV, where I talk about how I don’t have enough clothes, and how I want more clothes.


If you watch our show, you might notice that both of our styles have evolved a lot which I feel like that’s something that happens as you grow older and take in more influences everywhere – like from magazines, TV, the internet, especially with the rise of such visually curated mediums like Instagram. For my personal style, my ideal answer would be that I don’t have a personal style because that means I can wear anything! But truth be told, I tend to go more for textures, such as leather – I adore leather. I also love going for monochromatic outfits and blocking lots of color in my outfits.


Q: Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Not really. For me, I try to maintain a balance of influence, and influencing. I like looking at what people wear, but I also want to bear in mind I can’t adopt trends that I see online wholesale. What looks good on someone else may not good on you. Your skin tones, hair and even your body types are different. Is that a fashion rule? I would like to say I don’t repeat outfits but that would be a lie. Repeating outfits is just being normal and it’s perfectly normal to wear your clothes more than once. I do try to step out of my comfort zone. It’s easy to just pick out an outfit that has been tried and tested and that I know works on me. But I try to push myself past that, simply by changing my lipstick color, my top, or even something as simple as wearing a different accessory. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but that’s okay! In the long run, it’s good to experiment, you’re young, nobody remembers anything, nothing sticks.



Jemma x Her Velvet Vase 3


Q: What’s one thing your readers would be surprised to know about you?

I had to think a long time for this question, because basically a lot about me is already online – I’m pretty open about putting myself out there. Well, a little known thing would be that my life goal is to write, so actually going into fashion and presenting was kind of a surprise for me. I always assumed that I would end up in writing. I worked as a copywriter in advertising full time for three years. I had a lot of corporate clients, such as Coca Cola, banks, airlines, and then I realized that I want to be writing with my own voice, and not just for somebody else. This desire to present yourself as an individual, and not just a part of another working mechanism is the same thing that drove me to take up presenting and fashion, as it’s about expressing your individuality. I’ve also done a few fiction pieces that you can get in BooksActually. I wrote this fiction piece about cats obviously, called ‘From the Belly of the Cat’. I’ve also done opinion pieces, short fiction / poetry pieces for online magazines and ezines not based in Singapore. This is something I look forward to doing more of in future.


Q: What’s on your next fashion to buy list?

A funny story, I attended Digital Fashion Week, and on day 2 or 3, as I was going down the escalator in the shopping mall after doing my hair, a group of girls yelled at me, “Jem! We know it’s you because we recognize your shoes!” Like I said, I’m used to sticking to what I’m comfortable with, but that experience made me realize that I need new shoes. I tend to just stick to two pairs that I’m really comfortable with which goes with everything! I tell myself that this can be my signature, but there’s a very fine line between something being your signature and wearing something too many times. My next fashion to buy list would be to diversify my shoe collection. On a personal level, and not out of necessity because someone else has yelled at me (if you girls are reading this, HI!), I’m looking for a soft leather bucket bag in black. HVV does a very beautiful one in cream and mint (I got one for myself, by the way, so you should definitely go for that), but I’ve been hankering after one in black after seeing someone that I know carry one, and I just adore the texture of leather.



Jemma x Her Velvet Vase 4



Q: Most embarrassing fashion moment

I think a good thing about me is that I don’t get embarrassed very easily. I have a very, very thick skin, and I think that’s my number one asset when it comes to fashion – because that means I try a lot of weird stuff. For my most embarrassing fashion moment, when I was in secondary two, I got it into my head that it would be okay to pair a pink flare skirt with a green top. In my mind, I was like “Oh yea, I’m totally color blocking!” But I was five years too early for that trend? I remember a boy, who later on became my best friend, came telling me, “You don’t dress that well...” and I was like, “No, YOU don’t dress that well.” That was very embarrassing, but it’s that kind of honesty that gives you true friendships that last.


My most publicly embarrassing moment was when I revealed my impulse buys on the show. I talked about this pretty expensive dress which I bought from Club Marc? I told myself that anything that comes from here couldn’t be in bad taste. I got this velvet blue dress, with a leopard print collar. I was shopping with a friend who was equally as clueless as me, and she was like “Yea that is SO high fashion. That’d be SO nice!” And I thought, yea, I can work this! But I SO couldn’t. I bought it and never wore it, and I brought it out on the show, and everyone commented, “What were you thinking…?”


Q: What style did you go for, and what were you thinking about when curating this MoodBox?

First and foremost I went after what I personally would wear. I did two very different looks this time round. One was very edgy, and very sharp, which is a look that I aspire toward. The other one that I did was keeping in mind what people have been receiving from me so far, and what they might possibly want to emulate. I went for a little slouchy/preppy look, where you have a collared shirt (which is sharp), matched with a brightly colored maroon parka, which is something I’m sure everyone has seen me wear. I’ve put it in because I think it’s a nice personal touch! I went for things that I personally liked, and also individual items that I think would work day-to-day, paired with many different styles of outfits.







Jemma x HVV BTS



Jemma x HVV BTS 2


Happy new year to all our beautiful #hvvgirls, and thank you for being a part of our wonderful 2014 journey!


<3 Her Velvet Vase Team

#HVVgirl New Year Resolutions

30th December 2014

Good Morning Ladies!


It's only two more days till 2015, time sure passes by way too quickly! For this coming year, our HVVgirls share with us what are the things that they would like to work on throughout the year! What's a new year without some new challenges?



hvvgirl new year resolutions



What are your resolutions for 2015?



<3 HVV Team

The Regular #HVVgirl's Guide to Cafes - De'Pop Culture

23rd December 2014







Nestled in Singapore’s Kampung Glam district, De’Pop Culture discerns itself from the barrage of local cafés with it’s zesty Pop Art décor, bold vision and lip-smackingly good menu.















Stepping into the cafe, you are immediately enveloped in its vibrantly coloured walls, vivid paintings and peppy ambiance.


After being ushered to our seat at a colourful (and hand painted, no less!) table by our lovely host and owner, Adeline, we opted for a Marble Mocha - the perfect afternoon pick-me-up - and a refreshing Kiwi Italian Soda to combat the afternoon heat.















Based on recommendations, we arrowed on the De’Pop Breakfast Platter and Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti.


Both dishes featured generous portions and the local flavor of the Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti was absolutely delish!












With the ‘De’ in De’Pop Culture standing for desserts, we couldn’t pass up the chance for their sweet specialty treats!


The Caramel Buttermilk Waffle topped with crunchy granola, whipped cream, premium salted caramel ice cream and caramel was an instant (and absolutely heavenly) hit amongst us and was gone in seconds.


De’Pop Culture also offers seasonal desserts not on their menu, such as their Panna Cotta. Its smooth, sweet yet tangy red wine and raspberry sauce coupled with the creamy pudding base made for an excellent after meal indulgence!












With its fun, cosy ambience coupled with great service, we say De’Pop Culture is a pretty awesome place to meet up with friends and family for intimate cosy meals.


We’ll definitely be back for more desserts soon!




Find them at:


749 North Bridge Rd #01-01

Singapore 198717


Opening hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm daily

Facebook | Instagram




On Jolynn:

Blythe Classic Blouse

Iris Neoprene Skirt

Ralph Tassel Loafers



On Serena:

Agence Romance Pantsuit

Lucent Clasp Purse

The Best VIP Program Ever - Her Velvet Vase Passports

11th December 2014

Passport Points 101



Good Morning Ladies!


Ever thought of joining our amazing online fashion VIP program?


You really get to see our obsession with customer service with the ultimate thank you program we’ve come up with for all our lovely supporters!


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