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The People Behind Her Velvet Vase

30th July 2014

People Behind Her Velvet Vase



People Behind Her Velvet Vase

Jetset Fashion

27th June 2014

Passport to Chic



Our HVV Stylists have got you covered once again! This time, our Stylists have helped put together travel-friendly outfits that will keep you looking super trendy yet comfortable, wherever in the world you may be heading.

Stay chic!



This vs That

25th June 2014



*Winners will be announced on 2nd July, Wednesday 2014

Behind-The-Scenes: HVV Summer 2014 Swimwear Photo shoot

07th June 2014

Summer brings about endless possibilities and endless adventure.

Enjoy the little things - salt in the air, sand in your hair. 

The tan lines will fade but the memories won't.







Behind the scenes 3



Behind the scenes 4



Behind the scenes 5



Behind the scenes 6



Behind the scenes 7



Behind the scenes 8



Behind the scenes 9



Behind the scenes 10



Behind the scenes 11



Behind the scenes 12



Behind the scenes 13



Behind the scenes 14



Behind the scenes 15



Behind the scenes 16



Behind the scenes 17



Behind the scenes 18



Behind the scenes 19



Behind the scenes 20



Behind the scenes 21



Behind the scenes 22



Behind the scenes 23



Behind the scenes 24



Behind the scenes 25



Behind the scenes 26



Behind the scenes 27



Behind the scenes 28



Behind the scenes 29



Behind the scenes 30



Behind the scenes 31




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Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Venue Sponsor: Crowne Plaza Singapore

Cupcakes Sponsor: Kreme Couture Bakery

Cosmetics Sponsor: Benefit Cosmetics SG

Beauty Sponsor: Philosophy


Credits to the HVV Team: 

Clare - Creative Direction and Styling

Mag - Creative Direction and Video Editing

Brody - Photography and

Joanna - Hair and Make Up, Sono Bello and 

Kessie - Hair and Make Up Assistant

Stephanie - Model

Evelyn - Model

Serena - Marketing (& budding videographer)  

Jolynn - PR

What's Up?

28th May 2014

Good Afternoon Ladies!

We’re always thinking of new exciting features and promotions to implement for our wonderful customers. Here are a couple of the upcoming initiatives we hope will excite you as much as they excite us!

hvv loves girlfriends

1. HVV <3s Girlfriends

Share the HVV love with your girlfriends!

It’s simple.

Just grab a bunch of your best girlfriends, head on to, hit $150 in a single order and we’ll provide Complimentary Registered Postage.

OR, live life on the edge, go crazier, hit $200 and you’ll automatically get $10 off your purchase with Priority Courier to boot!

That isn’t all. If you do a fashion-pool with your friends thrice, you’ll automatically become an HVV Silver Passport Member as well! 

At HVV, we’re always thinking of you and for you ;)





express shipping

2. Express Shipping

We’ve heard your requests. And we absolutely agree that it’s imperative that you receive your orders safely and promptly all the time.

That’s why we’re incredibly happy to offer a new HVV Express Shipping option!

At an additional $6.00, you’ll receive your parcel within 1 – 2 working days.

That’s right, you’ll never have to worry about delayed or missed parcels for your parties or special occasions ever!

Let us know other features and initiatives you'd like implemented by commenting on our Facebook page to make shopping at HVV an even better experience!



Steal Her Style

14th May 2014

Good Afternoon Ladies!

What’s not to love about monochrome outfits? Monochrome is certainly having a moment right now, and if you are as obsessed as we are about this trend, here’s an idea how we style our black and white.





We keep our Marni Mesh Blouse simple and pair it with our midi length Vera Floral Skirt. We also suggest our Muse Pumps for a little metallic sheen to add some fun into the outfit. The HVV Sunglasses suggest a little playfulness yet still looking elegant – keep your eyes out for this in a future collection!

For the working woman, we recommend our Crew Suede Carryall which stores all your necessary documents and doubles your chic factor at the same time.

Let us know what other trends inspire you by commenting on our Facebook Page!


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